Разработка урока английского языка в 5 классе «Shopping»

Пономарева Вероника Николаевна
ГУ «Школа-гимназия №8 города Щучинска»
учитель английского языка

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The aim of the lesson:

—  Educational — to repeat words: clothes names and parts of body, repeat the plural forms of nouns and learn the new grammar rule

—  Developmental  — to develop pupils’ speaking skills, writing and listening skills

—  Pedagogical —  to increase students  interest to English

The type of the lesson:  Combined lessons.

Methods of the lesson: illustrative, practical, oral, work with the book.

Materials: poem, pictures, cards, books

The lesson

  1. Warming — up
  2. a) Greetings
    — Hello, children! I’m glad to see you again. Sit down, please.
    — How are you?
  3. b) A talk about on duty
    — What day is it today?

— What date is it today?

— What is your favourite clothes?

— What clothes you don’t like to wear?

Today at our lesson we’ll travel on our magic school bus. We’ll visit the following stations: phonetic station, lexical station, reading station, writing station, listening station, speaking station. Also we’ll meet a girl Nelly; she is going to buy clothes. Your task is to help Nelly to buy clothes and show your knowledge of English.

  1. Quiz

Juice, tea, coffee, cheese, bread, cake, salad, water, milk, meat, chocolate, sugar, jam, sweet, honey.

III. Phonetic – drill

But first we must train our tongues.

Let’s visit our first station and train the sounds  [s] [∫] [k]

Socks and shoes and jeans and shirt,
Trousers, coat and blouse and skirt.

  1. Work on a topic of the lesson

1) — The second station is lexical

to wear  [wɛə] быть одетым в; носить;

a sale   [seɪl] продажа; распродажа; сбыт

a customer [ˈkʌstəmə] клиент; покупатель; заказчик

a shop-assistant  [ʃɔp  əˈsɪstənt] продавец; продавщица

a package [ˈpækɪdʒ] пакет; тюк; кипа; место багажа.

2) Put the letters in the correct order and guess what words are written here:

Atco Coat
Serstrou Trousers
Irtsh-t T-shirt
Sserd Dress
Ansje Jeans
Kitrs Skirt

Now exchange your notebooks and check the answers.


3) The third station is reading station: let’s read the description of a lady and guess what lady lost her watch!

A beautiful lady came to our shop yesterday. She wanted to buy a red scarf. This lady was wearing a nice white suit: a jacket and trousers. There was a blue shirt under the jacket. She had black shoes on and a black bag in her hand. The lady lost her watch.

Minute for relax

Hands up, hands down

Hands on hips, jump jump jump

Stand still bend right, bend left

Touch your toes, turn around

Hands up, hands down and sit down.


4) Writing station

Open your notebooks and answer the questions

— What clothes only men wear?

-What clothes only women wear?


5) Listening station

let’s watch a cartoon and answer the following question:

T.: What clothes did a girl buy? Listen and tick the things she bought.

What did she buy?  Nice hat Beautiful sweater White shirt coat Blue jeans Green shoes
V v v v v
x x x

Would you like to watch the cartoon again before answering question?


6) Speaking station

Divide children into two teams: customers and shop assistants. The customers should think of 10 items of clothes they need to buy.  Shop assistants should think of 10 goods they have on sale. Then customers ask sellers about the clothes.

Use:  -do you have a sweater?

        — No, we don’t have/ yes, we do. Here you are.

Remember: thanks, please and good-bye and you will be polite!!!

  1. Home task

learn the new words,  make up a dialog

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