The plan of the untraditional competition lesson

Байбосынова Айнұр Аңсағанқызы

Алматы қаласының Алатау ауданының 182 жалпы білім беретін мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі


The plan of the untraditional competition lesson

Teacher:                                                                                         Байбосынова Айнур

Term III

Title of the untraditional competition lesson“Who is the faster?”

Date :               _______

Grade:  4 «A, D, E, V»
To enrich pupils knowledge about Kazakhstan and Britain.

To train the pupils to use new vocabulary.
To improve pupils interest for English language learning.
Type: competition
Methods of the lesson: question – answer, games.
Visual aids: cards, books, sport games
Cross curricular link: Kazakh Language, Geography, History
Dear friends! Im glad to see you at our meeting. You are the representatives of two great countries. Kazakhstan and Great Britain. Our meeting will be held in the form of competition. You will get one point for each correct answer. You are divided into four groups “Baiterek” “Medeu” from Kazakhstan, and “Big – Ben” “London Eye” from Britain.
I think that our competition will be interesting and useful for you. We wish everybody good luck.
Our game consists of 5 times
1. “Who know the best?”
2. Who is faster
3. “ Translator”
4. “Nationalities’
5. “Speaker”
Lets start with the first round which is called “Who know the best?”
1. What is the name of the president of Britain? (Elizabeth 2)
2. Қазақ тілінде қанша сөз табы бар? Оларды атап шығыңыз!
3. What money can you use in Britain? ( pound)
4. Бес арыс (Ш. Құдайбердіұлы, М. Жұмабаев, Ж. Аймауытов, А. Байтұрсынов, М. Дулатов)
5. Very popular shopping street in London? (Oxford)
6. Үш бәйтерек (І. Жансүгіров, Б. Майлин, С. Сейфуллин)
7. One of the largest department stores in oxford street? (Selfridges)
8. Есімше және көсемшедегеніміз не?
9. How many people work at the Selfridges? ( more than 2500)
10. Сионим дегеніміз не?
11. Very popular sport in Britain? (rugby)
12. Омонимге мысал келтір.
13. The capital of England is….. (London)
14. Есімдік мағынасына қарай нешеге бөлінеді (жіктеу, сілтеу, сұрау, өздік, белгісіздік, болымсыздық, жалпылау)
15. Very exciting and rather dangerous game? (cricket)
16. Үш бақытты ата.
17. When do people of Great Britain celebrate Christmas? (25 December)
18. Валюта қашан шықты? (1993жылы 15 қараша)
19. Where is big – ben situated? (in London)
20. Табу сөз дегеніміз не?
After  every tasks pupils should do sport exercises.
The second round is “Who is faster?”
There is numerals with questions. You will choose any number and I will ask you question
1. What river is Astana situated on? (The Ishim)
2. Абай қай жылдар аралығында өмір сүрді? (1845 – 1904жж)
3. Диалект сөздерге мысал келтір.
4. Ыбырай Алтынсариннің бір өлеңін жатқа оқып бер?
5. What is the official name of Britain? ( The united Kingdom of Great Britain )
6. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14)
7. Менің отаным Қазақстан! (ағылшын тіліне аударыңыз) my native land is Kazakhstan

Our next round is “ Translator”

Pupils should put each word to their column  paying attention  for their meaning.

FOOD           CLOTHES                      VEGETABLES                           COLORS
• Fish – балық
•. milk – сүт
• coat – пальто
• grey- сұр
• pizza- пицца
• Butter – май
• gloves – қолғап
• green – жасыл
• skirt -юбка
• Cake – торт
• Water – су

• Carrot – сәбіз
• shirt – жейде
• orange – апельсин
• brown – қоңыр
• Potato – картоп
• white – ақ
• pine apple- ананас

  • pear -алмұрт

    Let` s revise unit Geography of the English speaking and other countries of the world, their capitals. Nationalities:
    Country – Capital – Language
    Kazakhstan – Astana – Kazakh
    France – Paris – French
    USA – Washington – English
    Russia – Moscow – Russian
    England – London – British
    Germany – Berlin – German
    The last stage is called “Speaker”
    Here you must speak about England. Each team eхpresses their opinion (1 minute)
    Teacher: our competition is over. We thank all the pupils for their participation. We wish you health, wealth success in your study! Thank you! Good bye!

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