Culture and traditions of South Korea

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If you are to travel to South Korea, you need to know about some of  the national peculiarities of this country.

1) Kimchi-a national dish of Korean cuisine. We can safely say that kimchi is a symbol of Korean culture; original, bold and bright.

2) Shoes off in the Korean house it is customary to take of shoes. If you do not do this, it will be perceived as a display of disrespect for the owners of the house. Koreans have a special attitude forwards on it, often they sit and even sleep.

3) Sodju is a country which rich traditions of drinking. The national alcoholic drink of Koreans is a sodju analogue of vodka , which is made from potatoes and grains. Nevertheless , Koreans strictly observe the national etiquette ; they never themselves pour themselves a drink , and by pouring alcohol to an older person bring their hand to the heart in a sign of respect.

4) Rice like the Japanese, Koreans are famous rise lovers. They eat rice for breakfast,lunch and dinners on weekdays and holidays. But unlike the Japanese, Korean people usually eat rice not with chopsticks, but with a spoon. And remember,t hey never pick up a boul with rice from the table and do not bring it to the mouth.

5) With the elbous by and large, the territory of Korea is the mountains between which are arranged tiny islets of plains on which the large city is concentrated. The Koreans will not ask you to give way. You will simply be repulsed. It does not matter if you need to cross the road, enter the elevator or get to counter in the store. Yes and beware of older women.

6) Canine meat some Koreans actually eat dog meat, despite periodic attempts by the government to close restaurants in which they cook a dish of Canine meat. As a rule , they are in demand mainly in the summer, and for some reason men.

7) Nationalism Koreans are famous patriots, they are very proud of their homeland. Sometimes this pride takes the form of extreme nationalism. It is especially evident in all sorts of  sporting events.

8) Hanbok-traditional clothes

The traditional garment of  the inhabitants of Korea is – Hanbox. He was an everyday dress of  Koreans before the appearance of European clothes. The man’s hanbok consisted of  a jacket of (chegori) and (pagi) pants, a female from the skirt of (chogory chim).Wow Hanbok is worn only special holiday days and holidays.

9) Handshake people do not need to be rude or funny, they need to handshakes with Koreans following local rules. People of  the same social status close friends use only one hand for a bosses and subordinates or if there is a big age difference , the older stretches one hand, and the younger one shakes it by two hands.

10) Names. The Korean name consist of a surname mainly from one syllable, and the name is usually of two syllables. The surname follows the first. Women in Korea do not take their husbands surname after marriage, but children will bear the surname of their father.

11) Sollyal-Korean New Year day off; three days, and this time it is customary to dress up in hanbok, to go to parents or to your home town. In salted children congratulate parents, necessarily bowing to the floor, and also a person becomes a year older.

12) Tol charchi, the first birthday-the first birthday of the child is a special date. Preparation for this holiday begins even before the birth of the baby.



My opinion of South Korea , I think positive. After all, this country continues to observe the traditions despite the modern world. Koreans in different by someone who says that they eat dogs, but in reality it is not so, half the population does not at all eat this meat ,even what they are emotionally yes this is true, but not 24 hours a day, etc. The Koreans are very hard working people .Once a year they can afford themselves other leisure activities and this stand still, but develops and gets even better. I like South Korea and in the future I will visit South Korea.

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