Ашық сабақ: The theme: “My favourite sport”

Мухамбеткалиева Асель Бахитовна

Алматы облысы Талғар ауданы Нұра ауылы

№ 12 орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

8 form

Aims of the lesson:

Educational: to speak about sport and its benefits for people; to enrich the new vocabulary; to get information about sports in Great Britain; to compare sports in Great Britain and Kazakhstan.

Developing: to develop, pupils’ skills in oral speech through asking and logical thinking; to develop working on your own and in groups.

Upbringing: to arouse the feeling of love in the sport.

Equipment: a textbook, an interactive board, the cards.

Methods: explanation, discussion, work on your own, question-answer work, work in groups.


Procedure of the lesson:


  1. Organization moment
  2. Greeting
  3. Report of the duty
  4. Presentation of the new lesson


The theme of our lesson is “My favourite sport”.

Sport is very important for our life. Sport helps us to be fit and have strong health. Also sport develops such important qualities as confidence, discipline, responsibility and strong spirit. There are a lot of kinds of sport. Let’s remember them: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, judo, boxing, figure skiing, hockey, swimming, climbing, etc.

In Britain 40% of the population regularly play sport. The British play many sports that are unknown in most other countries, for example: cricket, squash, netball, rugby, rowing and rounders.

Active vocabulary:

rigid – қатал

observe – ұстану

take part – қатысу

persistence – табандылық

courage – ержүректік

sense of duty – жауапкершілік сезімі.



  • Reading the text “My favourite sport”.


Sport in Kazakhstan and in My Life


             Sport helps people to stay in a good shape, keeps them fit, healthy and makes them more organized, better disciplined in their daily activities and energetic.

Many sports are popular in Kazakhstan. They are: football, tennis, hockey, weight-lifting, track and field, basketball, volleyball, judo and carate, cross-country skiing, figure skating, climbing mountains, horse-racing.

All these sports have their strong supporters and fans. Thousands of people go to the stadium to support their favourite team and many thousands more watch the game on TV. For many people sport is the main form of entertainment. The people in the Republic of Kazakhstan are not only sports fans. They take an active part in all sports and sports activities, professional and amateur.

There are different sporting societies and amateur clubs in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Some of them constantly take part in different international tournaments and are well-known all over the world.

Kazakhstan sportsmen have won a great number of world records in gymnastics, judo, wrestling, athletics.

International and national matches attract many fans. Some most important games and sport events are transmitted over the radio and TV.

My favourite king of sport is tennis. I have been playing it since I was 11 years old. There is a good tennis court near my house and I go there with a friend of mine. He is a very good tennis player. He dreams of playing tennis at Wimbledon.

  1. Writing (“Who is faster?”)


Match the first halfs of the words from 1 column with correct second ones from 2 column and find the names of sport.


foot cket
run ckey
gym boarding
jump ball
ju ning
cri by
base do
skate nastics
rug Ind
ho ball



  1. Speaking (answer the questions)


  • Eleven people play this game, they use black and white ball to play.
  • You need a skate for it.
  • You must come to a pool to go in for it.
  • Strong men like this sport. They wear white kimonos
  • Running and jumping are the types of…
  • Players heed a bat and a small ball to play this game.
  • Players need a big orange ball to play this game.
  • It is very beautiful king of sport. Only girls do it.
  • You need a racket and a small ball. You must play this game indoors.

  1. Group – work.

“Guessing game” (the cards with names of sports)

Divide a class into 2 groups. One of members of each groups will have to show the sports which are written in the cards without saying. Others will have to guess the words. A winner will be a group which find more words.


         I group                                                       II group

volleyball                                                  baseball

swimming                                                  jumping

hockey                                                       boxing

running                                                      figure skating

judo                                                           tennis

  • Home – work: write about your favourite sport.
  1. The end of the lesson.


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