Конспект урока по теме: «Superstars»

Ахметова Багдат Шайдолловна

         учитель английского языка СОШ № 13

                             г. Экибастуза

Тема: «Superstars»

Тип урока: Урок обобщения и систематизации предметных ЗУНов


Цели урока:


Образовательная цель: — обобщить и систематизировать знание речевого и языкового материала, совершенствовать навыки говорения по теме

Воспитательная цель: — воспитывать стремление к самореализации и самосовершенствованию, воспитывать лидерские качества и чувство личной ответственности за вклад в общее дело

Развивающая цель: — развивать образное, логическое мышление и творческие способности учащихся, а также развивать познавательные умения (выделять главное, составлять текст, наблюдать)

Ресурсы: запись с песнями, фото звезд, звездочки, корона

Ход урока:

  1. Organization moment

Good morning, students! Sit down, please. I’m glad to see you. First of all I’d like to divide you into groups with help of colorful stars (yellow ,red. white).Ok.

  1. Motivation

Look at the blackboard. It’s a portrait-gallery. What people are they? What can you say about them?(They are famous, popular, talented, they do something important and useful for their nation). Do you guess what about we’ll talk today? Yes, about superstars. Would you like to be on their places? Then I’ll give you a chance to do it today. Good luck!

  • Actualization
  1. I think you know many singers and music groups. Let’s examine it Listen to the music and write down the name on this poster. For the right answer you’ll get a star. Let’s go!
  2. Conclusion: So, you are music-educated students. Who has many stars? Congratulations!
  3. Testing

Now I’m interested if you know lexic to this topic. Prove it! Do a test! Please, write down the date. Work in pairs. I give you 5 minutes. Now change your copybooks! Look at the blackboard and check it! Giving stars.

  1. Operation moment .Speaking

I’m sure that every of you remembers the programme “X-Factor”. And now imagine that you are the next organizers of this show. Work in groups.

I group. Make up the requires to the participants

II group. Make up the stairs of success

III group. Make up the system of marks and encouragements

IV group. An interview with D.Sadvakasova

  1. Control of the task
  2. Reflection
  3. T-Cl: Is it easy or difficult to be a super-star? Why?
  4. Count your stars! The superstar of our lesson is….Inviting and giving a crown.
  5. Homework: to create your own show.

Test “Famous people”

  1. We love and respect…. People who did a lot for their nation.
  2. Well-known b) condition   c) drawback
  3. Who is the ….of your country?
  4. Ability   b) recreation       c) symbol
  5. She was talented, well-dressed and …..
  6. Monument   b)attract   c) graceful
  7. If you want to be famous you should develop your ….
  8. Abilities     b)politician   c) journey
  9. Do you …..famous people in your country?
  10. Suffer   b) admire   c) drive
  11. You should not use his……It is not noble.
  12. Equal     b) rich     c) fame
  13. It is difficult to…..the aim of our life
  14. Assembly     b) revolution   c) reach
  15. You should …..your artistic talent
  16. Develop       b) own       c) pause
  17. He did it because he was….. man
  18. Dramatist b) noble     c)motor
  19. We …..a great deal from our parents

a)learned   b) wide   c) philosophy

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