Внеклассное мероприятие “Save the Earth”

Белинская Н.А.

Учитель английского языка

КГУ «Средняя школа № 1 г. Атбасар»


  Орудием и посредством воспитания  должна быть любовь, а целью – человечность.

Class 7

Цель: Формирование бережного отношения к природе.Совершенствование навыков устной речи.


  1. Видеофильм
  2. Hello, my dear Friends! I am glad to see meet you again. I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun together – you, me and all our guests. I’m perfectly sure we’ll have a nice time together.

The participants of the ecology club are invited to our meeting to take part in the work against the pollution of our Earth. Our Earth is our home. I think people must take care of our Motherland.

  1. Poem “Oh, Earth, I’m in love with you!”

P1: remember, Earth, you are great

  Not in the field of battles past

But in the green fields full of wheat

And forests, gardens free of dusts.

I love you deeply, dear land

You hills and rivers, sand on stand

You songs and dances, lakes and seas

Your beasts and fish, birds in trees.

Your sunshine in spending sight

Which give always such delights.

  1. It’s wonderful! There’s nothing like climbing trees, running barefoot on the grass camping, boating, fishing, lying in the sun and watching green trees and nice flowers – such delights!

Look at our trees and flowers fair. What kinds of the tree’s leaves can you see here? What color are they?

P1: I can see the oak’s leaf. It is dark green.

P2: I can see the maple’s leaf. It is green and red.

P3: I can see the willow’s leaf. It is yellow.

P4: I can see the birch’s leaf. It is light yellow.

P5: I can see the lime-tree’s leaf. It is emerald.

P6: I can the horse chestnut’s leaf. It is emerald.

Песня“Golden Childhood”

There are apple trees and birch trees

Growing just behind the stream,

It’s the nicest place the world through,

It’s as pleasant as a dream!

It’s as pleasant as a dream!

      From the mountains through the forest,

To the seas so large and blue,

There are roads in all directions

And each road is calling you!

And each road is calling you!

And what can you say about the flowers?

But first I want you repeat the names of the flowers

T     Cl

Violet, tulip, snowdrop, rose, pansy, forget-me-not

(повторив несколько раз произношение названий цветов, учитель поочередно закрывает их)

T: what can you tell me about this flower?

P1: it’s a violet. It’s may be dark or light violet.

T: what can you tell me about this flower?

P2: it’s a tulip. It’s may be yellow, lilac, but I like scarlet best of all.

T: what can you tell me about this flower?

P3: it’s a snowdrop. It’s a first spring flower.

T: what can you tell me about this flower?

P4:it’s a rose. It is a flower for sweethearts. I like red roses very much.

T: what can you tell me about this flower?

P5: it’s a pansy.. it is like beautiful eyes.

T: what can you tell me about this flower?

P6: it is forget me not. It is light violet or lilac.

  1. Well, children, I see that you like flowers and I want you know that the flowers have their own soul, they even can speak and dance.

(звучит «Вальс цветов», танец)

  1. There are many big and small rivers, green forests, high mountainous, different animals. Environment influences the life of animals, plants and our human life. And if we not don’t use chemicals to waste in a proper way we’ll pollute our environment. Look at this table “Approximate Decomposition Times in a Landfill”

T: How much time does traffic ticket last?

P1: Traffic ticket last one month. Natasha, how much does banana peel last?

P2: Banana peel lasts up to six months. Dima, how much does wool sock last?

P3: …

You know, children, not only litter pollute over environment. Our plants and factories put their wastes into water and atmosphere and pollute the environment.

I propose you some texts about pollution solutions.

Уч1                   Уч2



Уч3                 Уч4

And now let’s discuss this problem.

Уч1      Уч2: What can cause air pollution?

Уч2Уч3: What does acid rain harm?

Уч4Уч5:  What do you some companies dump their chemicals waste?

Уч5      Уч1: What is in energy “leak”?

Уч4Уч2: What do you know about Poison in Food?

Уч3Уч5: What can cause car’s pollutions?

  1. As you can see the pollution of the environment influences the life of animals, plants and our human life, because all parts of environment are closely connected?

Can you imagine that

Blue – is water

Black – is ground

Brown and yellow – animals

Red, rose, violet – flowers

Green – grass and trees

(заплетаем косичку из разных ленточек)

It’s really nice, isn’t it?

We can’t separate one part from another because each of them is important.

  1. What can we do protect the Earth?

Let’s write your own whishes on the hands. How take the hands with your wishes and glue them on this poster.

(ладошки с пожеланиями пришиваются вокруг земного шара, словно защищая его от мусора, дым фабрик и заводов, ядохимикатов и т.д.)

P1: we stand for the Earth.

P2: we work for clean environment all over the world.

P3: we promise to do our best for the Earth.

P4: we’ll work against pollution without rest.

P5: we are against air pollution.

P6: we are against dirty water.

P7: no poison in food!

P8: we are for using waste in a proper way.

P9: we are for making our life cleaner and happier.


T: and now let’s imagine a little bit to make some pictures about the Earth.

(дети делают аппликации)

T: Earth gives us all we need: water, air, food.

What can we do for the Earth?

Let’s try to give it the part of our soul, the warm of our hearts.

(дети зажигают свечи, установленные на бархатных сердечках, и выкладывают ими большое сердце)

  1. This poem is written by a girl of your age. It’s a very wise, I think.

                                                  A child wish.

       I want to live and not to die,

       I want to laugh and not to cry,

       I want to feel the summer sun.

       I want to sing when is fun.

I want to fly into the blue.

I want to swim as fish can do,

I want to shake all friendly hands

Of all the young of other land.

      I want to work for what is right is right

      I want to love and not to fight

      I want to laugh and not to cry

      I want to live and not to die.

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